Thursday, 28 August 2014

Illustrator drives me crazy..........

So I'm desperately trying to persevere with Illustrator, this morning i was so happy that i managed to draw this flapper girl straight in to Ai (I'm not much of an artist).......I soon discovered I wasn't so clever and couldn't edit individual pieces. I wanted to have the feather one color and different colors in other parts. I managed to incorporate a little color and turns out I like it :)   

So these are for the Make It In Design summer school intermediate brief 3 dissonance theme - feathers. Still not sure exactly what dissonance means and I don't think this entirely fits the brief, but hey it has feathers :)
I still have an idea to work on but if all else fails I think this one will have to be it.

Monday, 25 August 2014

So the third and final brief is in.........Jewels.

I've been working on some of my elements and I'm quite pleased with myself that I've persevered with Illustrator and not given up and gone back to my usual program (Fireworks).

Now to work on some more elements, figure out a background and work them into a pattern..........eikes!

This was how my jewels ended up...............

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Well week 2 is done and dusted, all 3 briefs are done and I have to say I was pushed a little out of my comfort zone this week. In particular with the intermediate brief which was animal print, which is not really my thing though I have to admit I do own a pair of leopard print PJ pants. 

I found the advanced brief (probably because my skills are no where near the advanced stage) really challenging trying to interpret the concept of animal print, tribal and collage.

And these are the results............ 

Beginners brief - Tribal Shapes

Intermediate brief - Animal Print

Advanced brief - Tribal Collage

Monday, 11 August 2014

The new design briefs are in...............
So week 2 of Make it design summer school begins and typically i'm sick :( (suck it up princess).

Beginner track brief 2 - Tribal Shapes

So let's begin collecting some inspiration.

Key words:

  • tribal, spirit, energy, geometric
  • holiday, cultural, global, bright
  • ethnic, dynamic, graphic, triangles
  • zig-zags, bright, bold
Some mood board inspiration:

 Well I could spend all day (forever even) looking at inspiration but time to crack on!

I have chosen my concept, so now I have to negotiate a color palette and then it's time to get cracking and see if I can make it work..........fingers crossed!!!!!!

Friday, 8 August 2014

I have so much I should be doing right now, illustrator tutorials, sketching motifs, working on a new pattern...............meh! 

It's been such a full on week with Make it In Design summer school I think I deserve an afternoon of some light reading. 

Ahhhhhh bliss!

I've entered the world of surface pattern design a few months ago after taking module 1 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design with the amazingly talented Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton founder of Do What You Love.

Last week I started summer school with Make it in Design. I decided to sign up on all 3 track levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. For some reason I expect summer school to be a little on the lines of module 1 ABSPD with little exercises and promts ..........boy was I wrong, what was i thinking!
So each class had a creative brief of which we were to follow and come up with a creation:
  1. Beginner track - was to design a 'Tropical Summer' piece with a free color palette range.
  2. Intermediate track- was to design a "Retro Geometric' piece to be used for swimwear design and had the option of 2 color palettes to choose from.
  3. Advance track- was to design a 'Water Rays' to be used on a cushion design including a mock up cushion and we were given a color palette to stick to.
I started off designing my beginner creative brief.  I had a theme in mind........Flamingos and Cocktails and hand drew a few motifs of flamingos and cocktails...........Well this just wasn't working at all, although I was fairly happy with my motifs, I just couldn't get a pattern forming (something I'm still struggling with at the moment as a beginner) and my design looked terrible. So I started again using just the flamingos and a hand drawn Hibiscus to use in the background and finally things began to take shape and I had a piece I was happy with......yippee!

You can see the piece I created in the student gallery along with the creations of the other wonderfully talented students. Below is how my piece looks mocked up on a cushion.
Tropical Summer day & night
For the intermediate track I had no idea of concept at all so just took to the computer and started playing around with shapes. I drew some simple triangles and dressed them up a little. I thought the finished piece was ok, it was a little boring I thought and wasn't overly thrilled with it until I saw it mocked up on a cushion and actually really liked it.

See it in the student gallery here and below is how my piece looks mocked up on a cushion.
Retro Triangles

Now for the advance track.
I found this one really difficult. It wasn't really my style and plus I had nowhere near the skills for this one yet, but I managed to produce something at least.

See it in the student gallery here and below is how my piece looks mocked up on a cushion.

So that's 3 creative briefs down in 2 weeks......phew!! Both excited and a little nervous to see what challenges we're given next week.