Friday, 8 August 2014

I've entered the world of surface pattern design a few months ago after taking module 1 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design with the amazingly talented Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton founder of Do What You Love.

Last week I started summer school with Make it in Design. I decided to sign up on all 3 track levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. For some reason I expect summer school to be a little on the lines of module 1 ABSPD with little exercises and promts ..........boy was I wrong, what was i thinking!
So each class had a creative brief of which we were to follow and come up with a creation:
  1. Beginner track - was to design a 'Tropical Summer' piece with a free color palette range.
  2. Intermediate track- was to design a "Retro Geometric' piece to be used for swimwear design and had the option of 2 color palettes to choose from.
  3. Advance track- was to design a 'Water Rays' to be used on a cushion design including a mock up cushion and we were given a color palette to stick to.
I started off designing my beginner creative brief.  I had a theme in mind........Flamingos and Cocktails and hand drew a few motifs of flamingos and cocktails...........Well this just wasn't working at all, although I was fairly happy with my motifs, I just couldn't get a pattern forming (something I'm still struggling with at the moment as a beginner) and my design looked terrible. So I started again using just the flamingos and a hand drawn Hibiscus to use in the background and finally things began to take shape and I had a piece I was happy with......yippee!

You can see the piece I created in the student gallery along with the creations of the other wonderfully talented students. Below is how my piece looks mocked up on a cushion.
Tropical Summer day & night
For the intermediate track I had no idea of concept at all so just took to the computer and started playing around with shapes. I drew some simple triangles and dressed them up a little. I thought the finished piece was ok, it was a little boring I thought and wasn't overly thrilled with it until I saw it mocked up on a cushion and actually really liked it.

See it in the student gallery here and below is how my piece looks mocked up on a cushion.
Retro Triangles

Now for the advance track.
I found this one really difficult. It wasn't really my style and plus I had nowhere near the skills for this one yet, but I managed to produce something at least.

See it in the student gallery here and below is how my piece looks mocked up on a cushion.

So that's 3 creative briefs down in 2 weeks......phew!! Both excited and a little nervous to see what challenges we're given next week.


  1. Good work, I barely had time to the one track I signed up for! Kudos to you for doing all three.

  2. Well done! Tropical summer night is my favourite:)
    Now we are waiting for Monday and more briefs...

  3. Looking good Lesley. You are one determined fast worker.